Webinar – Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers

Posted: November 28, 2018

I really enjoyed presenting at this webinar with Tony Medrano of RapportBoost and my friend Nate Brown, co-founder of CX Accelerator, the online CX learning community I’m proud to help facilitate. We chatted about customer preferences, channels, employee engagement and more! Access the recording here. [Read more at Customer Experience Update]

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Creating Customer Heroes: How Your Agents Can Become Customer Storytellers

Posted: May 8, 2018

Let’s imagine, for one moment, that you’re casting your agents and customers in a movie. What roles would they play? Would your agents make their screen debut as wise sages, imparting knowledge and truth to help spur your customers to a glorious conclusion in their customer service journey? Or would your agents be more like sword-wielding fighters, battling to defeat angry customer ogres before they burn your contact center to the ground? Fantastical tales aside, stories about our businesses carry a lot of meaning. The narratives weaved by ourselves, our agents and our customers can communicate common values, elicit emotion,…

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More Than Just Lip Service: How To Turn Corporate Values into Lived Behaviors in Your Contact Center

Posted: March 2, 2018

Communication – We have an obligation to communicate. Respect – We treat others as we would like to be treated. Integrity – We work with customers and prospects openly, honestly, and sincerely. Excellence – We are satisfied with nothing less than the very best in everything we do. Do these corporate values sound familiar to you? Given that some 89% of companies have core values of some kind, it’s likely that you’re accustomed to these types of statements, which many companies all over the world proudly align themselves to. The difference with this list of values is that they’re pulled from the…

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