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[Webinar] Building Strategy and Confidence in Contact Center AI

If you liked mine and Matt’s article for ICMI on building Chatbot trainers in the contact centre, you’ll like our webinar too.

You’ll also like this webinar if you believe in Knowledge Management as a preface for great customer experience!

Click through to access the recording, and here’s a rundown of what we cover…

“As a contact center leader, you’ve worked hard to grow your service quality and efficiency to where it is today. Now, with AI on your mind, new challenges are emerging.

Register for our webinar to learn implementation strategies that provide a practical path to AI adoption for all kinds of businesses – regardless of your size or industry.

You’ll learn:

  • What types of contact center AI technology are available to you today
  • How to identify low-risk entry points to AI technology
  • How to mitigate your roadblocks to AI adoption
  • New strategic opportunities for contact centers post-AI adoption”

Access the webinar recording via the Comm100 website.