About Me

I’m all about creating better experiences for employees and customers.

I’m an internationally-experienced speaker and writer in the contact center learning space, having worn the hats of agent, manager, QA specialist, coach and trainer.

I’ve worked with global Fortune 500, government and private firms to promote outstanding customer experiences through effective people development programs.

I’ve also grown to love writing and sharing ideas around CX, learning and culture, and because of this I have been recognized by the ICMI for three years running as a thought leader in the space.

Here are some of the comments that people have made when nominating me for this list, that I think reflect how my approach and ideas have grown over the years:

“Kaye is very committed to great customer service, and she writes some great articles.”

“Kaye is not only a super cool human, but she makes time to dig into the emotional angle of customer experiences, including that of her team. She’s intelligent, kindhearted, and a great person to follow for CX insight.”

“Kaye is a rising star in the world of customer service and CX training. Her knowledge of adult learning, live chat, and AI are unparalleled. She regularly gives back to the industry and the community, and she embodies all the characteristics of a thought leader.”

2018 ICMI Thought Leaders List
2019 ICMI Thought Leaders List
2020 ICMI Thought Leaders List

I’m Masters degree qualified – MA Professional Education & Training with University College London. I’m very proud to have studied with UCL’s Institute of Education, who are ranked as the world number one institution for education and have done so for several years running.

At Comm100, I am at the intersection of technology and training, providing people-centric learning to help organizations handle the fast pace of technological change, and ensuring that agents, managers and exec teams can successfully implement the technology they invest in.

I’m a digital communications proponent, a proud millennial, and a tea-drinking British lady. I advocate for AI adoption and careful automation to allow us all more time to focus on the customer interactions that really matter.

I love writing. Places I’ve been published include:

I’m also a proud community organiser for the CX Accelerator Slack community.

Thank you for your interest in me and my work! Please get in touch via my contact form if you’d like to chat.