About Me

  • I hail from near Brighton in England. I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful partner and a grumpy old cat.
  • I work as a Senior Content Specialist at Splunk, as part of the Education team running the Splunk Lantern website.
  • As well as writing in my day job, I also write poetry.
  • I’m Masters degree-qualified with an MA Professional Education & Training from University College London. I’m proud to have studied with UCL’s Institute of Education, who are┬áranked as the world number one institution for education and have done so for several years running.
  • I’m a keen skier, cyclist, and swimmer. I also swim mermaid-style with a monofin.
  • I love nature, foraging, and identifying mushrooms.
  • I’m into all kinds of arts, crafts and homely things. Things I enjoy doing include sewing, writing poetry, block printing, baking, dying fabric, crocheting, winemaking, caring for too many houseplants, fermenting things, cooking, knitting, gardening, pickling stuff, leathercraft, and more.

Thank you for your interest in me and my site!