Creative Writing


Pixels buzz on dusty screens
Motors whirring in gestation
I built all of these machines
Calculating wrong equations.

In light it fell through tin roof rust
One raindrop sparks the crashing system
Night falls painting metal frost
Captures the corroding kingdom.

Then snaking vines constrict cables tight.
Weak walls collapse. And bursting in
Sunlight blisters unkeyed plastic.
Mold empathic eats synthetic skins.
Leaves blanket, dew coats nettles
bold with burning stings.

My empire was dead but it grew.
In the passage of years I may discover
In deep soil, a decayed resistor
And think back to when it was new.

Photo by Kiyoshi on Unsplash

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MA Professional Education & Training Graduation

I am extremely happy to have attended my official graduation ceremony from UCL for my MA Professional Education and Training.

Thanks to UCL Institute of Education for putting on a wonderful virtual graduation ceremony to round off a fantastic Masters degree experience!

Attending at 3am over Zoom in my pajamas with a DIY mortar board made out of duct tape by my wonderful partner isn’t quite the way I imagined it would go when I started this degree, but it was a very heartfelt and memorable ceremony that I will remember fondly for always.

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Icebreaker Alternatives for People Who Hate Icebreakers

“Today is all about getting to know each other, building relationships, and finding out even more about the people you already know. It’s icebreaker time!”

As my colleague announced the aims for the day to our newly hired team, the atmosphere in the room turned suddenly frosty. People shuffled in their seats and looked at their shoes. Our team was made up of mostly younger staff, working in an industry that’s not known for its extraversion. At the word “icebreaker”, they visibly melted.

Several years earlier, I was a member of a team tasked with onboarding around 25 people, brand new to the company, and who would all be working closely together. As a training team, we knew we needed to help everyone get to know each other.

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