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Promotion Update & Lucep’s Top 50 Customer Experience Blogs and Influencers

I’ve been quiet over the last few weeks – life has been busy since I got promoted 😊 I’m now Learning & Development Manager for Comm100.

Our business is growing fast and getting mature enough now that we really needed an L&D lead to drive internal and external training initiatives.

I’m extremely happy to be that person and I’m looking forward to helping Comm100 to grow and learn even better!

I wanted also to post a link to Lucep’s list of their Top 50 Customer Experience Blogs and Influencers, which I’m pleased to be a part of.

Being on the list nestled between the awesome CustomerServiceLife blog and CX & Social media expert Dan Gingiss (as well as so many other CX superstars) is just beyond awesome really, and I’m always humbled and honored when I receive recognition for my writing and ideas.

Thanks Lucep!

Read more at Lucep’s Blog

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