Creative Writing

Salmon’s last days

Home buzzes the edges of my fins.

It vibrates magnetic. It's familiar long-lost smell.

From fat sea fish to muscle swimming up rapids I become elegant, elongated. Sunset hued stripes adorn me, luminescent in green water.

Salt cleansed, I'm pulled to waters fresh. My life is for this and I commit everything.

I evade the snap and swipe of bears and eagles. In my place of birth I lay pink pearl eggs as the males defend them, thrash and bite.

There it is. My life's work.

I see all the world's beauty and danger as my skin sloughs off. Age molds green scales and sight opaque. 

Fade into the final part of the greatest cycle. Home is so sweet inside my mouth as the water pulls me apart.

Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash

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