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[Webinar] The Future of Live Chat in 2019

This webinar was a blast.

Jeff and I are good buddies, so it’s always fun presenting with him. However, this webinar was especially significant as it aired just before we launched Comm100’s 2019 Benchmark Report, so we got to share some sneak peeks at the stats before it was even live.

As well as discussing the findings from the latest benchmark report, we chatted about the growing pains experienced by different sizes of call centers, and gave some tips for organisations of all kinds to consider in the year ahead.

All of these insights come straight from what we’ve learned from our own customer base, so it’s useful stuff for anyone looking to align their contact center with best practice and trends in 2019.

Have a listen, and I’d love to hear what you think.

Watch the webinar recording here.

Download Comm100’s 2019 Live Chat Benchmark Report here.

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