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What is CX in 2019?

Here’s a post I contributed to with a lot of comments from people across the web on what CX is in 2019 – both what it looks like today, and where it’s going in the future.

Here’s my section, covering where I’m seeing CX going over the course of the year. A big part of this is that I’m pretty excited about automation opportunities for contact centers, and I’m proud to be working for a company that’s helping other companies make their first tentative steps into automation.

Maybe I’ll write about why I’m so excited about automation in another post. But let me say now – I think it’s a real win-win as it can not just help companies make resource savings but also help to improve the agent experience by reducing repetitive, unskilled work.

Anyway, here’s my comment! Do read through the full article linked to at the end of this post.

“I’m definitely seeing CX leaders looking to adapt faster to changing customer preferences and getting their operations ready to adopt automation and bot technologies. From building stronger knowledge bases to aid human and bot knowledge to providing great service over new channels, the CX industry is becoming ever more strategic and aligned to customer needs.

I’m sure in 2019 we’re going to see a lot of messy implementations of new technology and processes, but I hope that amidst the rubble of CX disasters we’ll see organizations getting really innovative and providing service in ways that just weren’t possible a year ago.

I’m especially excited to see more and more organizations adopting chatbots that provide quick, quality answers in appropriate places in the customer journey and which show that bots, when properly designed and trained, can be a real asset to customer service operations.”

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