Keynote Learnings from ICMI Expo 2018: Ernesto Salas, Disney Institute

Posted: June 20, 2018

Trade shows are a fantastic place to get up to date on all of the latest technology, best practices and ideas in your industry. The ICMI Contact Center Expo which took place at the end of May was no different – with a strong keynote lineup and insightful sessions to attend, it was a fantastic event for anyone looking to top up their knowledge on everything CX.

But one of the challenges of so many opportunities to learn is figuring out how to package up those insights and apply them within your contact center. Hearing the philosophies that power world-class companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences is incredibly inspiring, and can drive you to adjust the same philosophies that affect your processes. But working out how processes need to change to fall in line with those same philosophies can be tougher.

In this blog post series, we’ll be picking apart some of the keynote speeches shared at the ICMI Expo, and throwing some light on what those insights could mean for your contact center.

We’re starting off with the opening keynote of Tuesday, May 22nd – “Inspiring Customer Service Excellence” from Ernesto Salas, Business Programs Senior Facilitator at the Disney Institute.

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